made to order - 3 weeks is the maximum waiting time, although you may receive your item earlier. 


  • Please note that the piece you'll receive may not be exact to the one in the photo. Expect slight variations in detailing, and there may be minor imperfections. No two pieces are exactly alike. 


  • Modelled necklace has a chain length of about 42cm (including beads). Do note that the actual necklace you'll receive will have three teardrop beads on each side, unlike the four beads on each side shown in the modelled photo. (The necklace you'll receive will have 7 beads in total. 3 on each side, one in the middle)


  • Choose between lengths of 42cm, 50cm, and 60cm.


All details on the coffin are made from polymer clay, featuring teardrop glass beads and a stainless steel chain.  Choose between red teardrop beads (first & second photos), and dark red teardrop beads - see last photo for a comparison between the two.



made to order: 'carmilla' coffin necklace (red)

Colour of glass beads