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Every detail crafted by hand from polymer clay. These earrings feature black textured hearts with cobwed detailing and red roses with dark green leaves. Choose between deep red cubic zirconia studs (first photo) and stainless steel ball studs (last photo)


Approx 4cm long.


The 3D florals on these earrings are made by hand, petal by petal. No molds or cutters were used. Due to the handmade nature of these flowers, their size & appearance may vary slightly from pair to pair. The 3D flowers are fixed firmly onto the base using liquid clay, and will not fall off easily. However, please still handle the earrings with care - do not scrape or pull at the roses, and avoid pressing hard on individual petals. Please see my page on jewelry care for other care instructions:


cobweb heart earrings (red)

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