Everything is out of stock! How can I buy your earrings/when will you restock?

I will announce any restocks or launches on IG story! Watch my Instagram page @goodbyejohanna for updates. :) I also offer made to order pieces of selected styles under the "made to order" section. Alternatively, if you don't mind not knowing quite what you'll get - purchase a surprise box! If you're in Singapore, please check my 'stockists' page on this website to view the brick-and-mortar stores my earrings are stocked at!

What's in your surprise boxes?

If I tell you, it's not a surprise :)

Do you take custom orders?

Not at the moment, sorry! If I open up custom order slots in future, I will post an update on IG stories.

"Hi Johanna...."

sorry my name is not Johanna hahaha

What kind of clay do you use?

I use polymer clay, specifically Premo & Soufflé. Polymer clay is a strong, waterproof and flexible material. It will not shatter when dropped, however do refrain from applying strong force or attempting to bend your earrings.

How do you make your polymer clay jewelry?

Every single piece is handcrafted pair by pair. I start with the raw clay, roll and condition it, then cut out the base shapes. I then shape/cut out, place and texture every single detail. At the moment I do not use any molds or paints. All the details are handmade from tiny bits of clay - and every piece of jewelry is unique. I bake the raw clay pieces in an oven. When they have been cured, I sand, drill, wash and assemble the pieces to make jewelry.