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Cart this option out along with your order to indicate that you'd like minimal/recycled packaging! :)


What does minimal/recycled packaging specifically refer to?


Minimal/recycled packaging means that I will use a variety of repurposed or reused materials to pack & ship your order, depending on the type of item(s) you've puchased and the packing materials I have on hand.


I frequently receive donations of used packing materials from friends and family who received them with their own online purchases. Some examples of these used materials I've been given are: bubble wrap, polymailers, various boxes, foam sheets, bubble envelopes, cardboard sheets, packing peanuts, ziploc/plastic bags, various paper products (tissue/wrapping/packing paper, Geami etc), and those little plastic packets full of air. If you select this option, I'll be using some combination of the materials above, depending on your specific order & the suitability of what I have on hand.


With orders requesting minimal/recycled packaging, I will either not package your individual pieces of jewelry in the plastic sleeve bag, or use a recycled plastic sleeve that may be in a cosmetically imperfect condition (bent, folded, taped, small marks on it etc). However, in the case that the specific design requires a bag to prevent it moving around too much and possibly getting damaged/tangled in transit, or for extra protection (certain earring designs, or necklaces), and I do not have a suitable recycled plastic sleeve on hand - I will package it in a standard plastic sleeve, or use a reusable organza gift pouch. 


Orders selecting this option will also have 'thank you' cards omitted. If you are a repeat customer, I will be omitting thank you cards & stickers automatically to reduce waste. I may also not include the standard jewelry cards, if it is suitable to do so.


Minimal/recycled packaging does not mean that every single part of the packaging will be made up of reused materials. It also does not mean that the packaging will be plastic-free, as many of the used materials donated to me are plastic. I believe that the most sustainable option for my business is to use materials that are already in existence & in my possession. Re-using these secondhand plastic materials helps give them a new lease of life, and reduces consumption of the additional resources required to produce new eco-friendly packaging.


While these materials have been used before and may be in cosmetically imperfect conditions, please understand that the aesthetic of the packaging does not reflect the quality of my handmade jewelry! Rest assured that I do my best to pack as thoughtfully & carefully as possible with the recycled materials, and that the safety of your jewelry will not be compromised! My priority is to pack your orders in such a way that they will be able to travel safely to you :)


Thank you for choosing this option and helping to reduce waste! :)

I'd like to opt for minimal/recycled packaging!

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