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this listing is for one surprise box containing goodbyejohanna clay jewelry that I personally feel fit the celestial theme!! if you require clip-ons, please request them in a note at checkout.


surprise box options:


A - 1 pair of mystery earrings

B - 1 pair of mystery earrings and 1 mystery necklace

C - 2 pairs of mystery earrings

D - 2 pairs of mystery earrings and 1 mystery necklace

E - 3 pairs of mystery earrings and 1 mystery necklace

F - 4 pairs of mystery earrings 


The earrings might be stud earrings or dangly earrings, but the total value of the box will always be more than the amount paid! 


A surprise box is like a mystery box/blind box, you won't know exactly what you'll get when you purchase. However, these boxes are packed according to a theme! Getting surprise boxes will always be a little cheaper than buying at regular launches - but extra fun thing is that the more items you choose for your box, the cheaper each individual item will be! For example, a surprise box costing $40 will have a value of around $42 - $55, while a surprise box costing $155 will usually have a value of $160 - $190. (All depending on what I have on hand.) Buy a larger box to share with friends to get the best value for your money :)


Surprise boxes will NOT contain flawed discount items, as I'd rather you be fully aware of any flaws in your items before you purchase. However also do note that these are all handmade items and may have minor imperfections.



disclaimer: the designs chosen for each box are based on my opinion of what the themes/styles are, I apologise if I am mistaken about the aesthetic of a theme, or if the items received are not what you expected from the theme! this is a surprise box and I do my best to match the items to the themes, but they will still mostly still be in the style of my general work. There will definitely still be unique and fresh pieces, but do not expect anything too wildly different from my usual style of work! these surprise box items are miscellaneous designs that I made for pop-up events, for fun, to explore new ideas and styles, or just variations on existing designs! I will not usually include current website designs that are already in the shop, unless I reaaaaally do not have anything else that fits the theme at that moment. If you already own goodbyejohanna jewelry and do not want to receive the same/similar items in your box, you can leave a note at checkout describing what you have - or DM/email me with photos if you have a large collection! I will do my best to avoid giving you anything too similar to what you already own. thank you!



the celestial box

PriceFrom $49.00
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